Mar. 19th, 2016

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I recently came across a clever article on how the Republicans could nominate Trump and then elect someone else. The plan is simple in principle, tricky in execution:

1. The Republicans nominate Trump, the Democrats nominate Hilary.

2. The anti-Trump Republicans run a pair of third party candidates, say Kasich and Cruz. They get on the ballot in Texas, Ohio, and perhaps a few other states where both major party candidates are sufficiently unpopular. They stay off the ballot in any state where their presence might help the stronger of the major party candidates, probably Clinton.

3. They get enough electoral votes so that neither Trump nor Clinton has a majority, which throws the election to Congress. The House chooses the President, the Senate the VP, from among the three leading candidates. Kasich is chosen as President, despite coming in third in both popular and electoral votes, and Cruz, or possibly Trump's running mate, becomes Vice President.
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В советских школьных шахматных турнирах каждая команда должна была выставить девочку хотя бы за одной доской (сейчас вообще за двумя, пруфлинк). В американских такого правила нет.
Сынок уточняет: - Ну а если у нас нет девочки?
- Ваша проблема. Проигрываете дефолтом ту игру, которую она должна была играть, дальше играете, что осталось.
- Несправедливо! Что мы можем поделать, если её не существует?!
- Найдите где-нибудь и научите. В школе девочки есть.


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