Sep. 4th, 2016

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«Начни с себя!» - под таким девизом в Казани проходит акция по стерилизации собак в государственных ветлечебницах города.
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Federal authorities have found more than two dozen cases of mail theft and related crimes in Southern California as part of a sweep targeting corruption and criminal activity affecting the U.S. Postal Service, the U.S. attorney’s office of the Central District of California announced last Friday -- WP
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The math myth is the myth that the future of the American economy is dependent upon the masses having higher mathematics skills. This myth goes back to at least Sputnik, when the Russians were going to surpass us because they were better in math and science. It returned in the late 80's when the Germans and Japanese were going to surpass us because they were better in math and science. It's occurring again now because the Indians and Chinese are better than us in math and science.

Math Myth Conjecture: If one restricts one's attention to the hardest cases, namely, graduates of top engineering schools such as MIT, RPI, Cal. Tech., Georgia Tech., etc., then the percent of such individuals holding engineering as opposed to management, financial or other positions, and using more than Excel and eighth grade level mathematics (arithmetic, a little bit of algebra, a little bit of statistics, and a little bit of programming) is less than 25% and possibly less than 10%.
David Edwards