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На днях пошутил насчет успеет ли президент Обама всего за месяц избавиться от мрачного бушевского наследия. Какие шутки! Взялся, засучив рукава. -- The Obama administration is dismantling a discriminatory surveillance system that was used after 9/11 to keep tabs on Arabs and Muslims across the US, in a move that will make it more difficult for president-elect Donald Trump to achieve his goal of introducing a Muslim registry. Thursday’s announcement by the Department of Homeland Security that it is tearing down the remnants of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (Nseers) marks the most audacious (так в тексте!) attempt yet by Barack Obama to place roadblocks in the way of his successor’s declared intentions.
Жаль, что миссис Клинтон проиграла, а то бы это была годная, недискриминационная программа.
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