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Голливудский миллиардер прилетает в Лос-Анджелес на своем самолете, и его, по доносу бдительных сотрудников аэоропорта, немедленно начинает расследовать CPS.
birdwatcher: (Mr. Twister) -- Isidore Heath Campbell, who named his children Adolf Hitler Campbell and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, made headlines in 2008 for trying to buy a cake.

Mr Campbell and his then-wife, Deborah, both white supremacists, asked a local store to bake a cake with the words “Happy Birthday, Hitler” written on top with icing.

The store refused and the story was shared around the world. Days later the couple received a phone call from child protective services and had their two children taken away.
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Пишут, что, якобы, разрешили детям ходить по улицам:
Relax, parents. Now you can allow your kids to walk, ride a bike, or take a bus to school, without you or your children getting arrested. The recently-signed Every Student Succeeds Act contains a section (858) that protects the rights of kids to walk or go out alone. The act was sponsored by Utah senator Mike Lee, who is a supporter of the Free Range Kids movement, and provides some hope for parents who feel that their kids should be allowed some autonomy to get by own their own.

The inclusion of a section that lets the parents choose what is appropriate is welcome. Though it doesn't replace any state or local laws, such clarification could go help curb the growing trend of cops picking up kids while they play or travel unattended.
По-моему, в секции 858 (вернее, на странице 858, секции 858 не существует) ничего похожего нет:

(a) IN GENERAL Subject to subsection (b), nothing in this Act shall authorize the Secretary to, or shall be construed to
(1) prohibit a child from traveling to and from school on foot or by car, bus, or bike when the parents of the child have given permission; or expose parents to civil or criminal charges for allowing their child to responsibly and safely travel to and from school by a means the parents believe is age appropriate.

Notwithstanding subsection (a), nothing in this section shall be construed to preempt State or local laws.’

т.е. все это относится только к данному федеральному закону (а что утверждают остальные 10^99 федеральных законов никто не знает), и ничего не говорит о штатских и городских законах, которые только и важны. Ведь агенты ФБР никогда и не ловили школьников по автобусам.
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Two lesbian foster parents ordered by a juvenile court judge to give up their baby for placement with a heterosexual couple for the child's well-being aren't giving up without a fight.
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Ученые педиатры установили, что shaken baby syndrome тоже не существует. Почему обвиненные в убийствах родители до сих пор в тюрьмах, ученые юристы пока не знают.
For decades, the pathologist, who works at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, appeared as a prosecution witness against parents accused of killing their children.
She argued that a combination of three brain injuries — swelling of the brain, bleeding between the skull and brain and bleeding in the retina — was sufficient to determine that the death resulted from a child being violently shaken.
But more than a decade ago, amid the emergence of research disputing the mainstream theory, Dr Squier had a change of heart, becoming convinced that such symptoms were not conclusive.
birdwatcher: (Mr. Twister) -- Kimbrough’s son Timmy was born premature and died. Her lawyer blamed Down syndrome, while prosecutors blamed Kimbrough’s methamphetamine use. Kimbrough ended up taking a plea deal and received a 10-year sentence. The high court asserted that its decision “is in keeping with the widespread legal recognition that unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected by law.”
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У одного маленького мальчика мама и бабушка беспокоились, что он недостаточно опасается педофилов. Поэтому они договорились на работе, чтобы мальчика понарошку похитили и как будто продали в сексуальное рабство, а потом отпустили. Так и сделали. На следующий день мальчик рассказал в школе. Результат? Всех посадили в тюрьму за похищение человека и продажу в сексуальное рабство, мальчика отдали в детдом.
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WP -- The Meitivs say that on Dec. 20, a CPS worker required Alexander to sign a safety plan pledging he would not leave his children unsupervised until the following Monday, when CPS would follow up. At first he refused, saying he needed to talk to a lawyer, his wife said, but changed his mind when he was told his children would be removed if he did not comply.
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1. CBS NEWS -- Родители нашли на телефоне дочери автопортреты в обнаженном виде и написали на нее донос.
2. Reason -- по результатам телефонного опроса, проведенного журналом Reason (500 сотовых телефонов и 500 наземных телефонов), 68% принявших участие в опросе хотели бы криминализировать игры на детской площадке без присмотра до возраста 9 лет включительно, в том числе 43% до возраста 12 лет включительно.
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CBS News -- The Omaha Police Department says it reviewed the video with prosecutors and authorities determined no criminal activities had taken place. However, police say they worked with Child Protective Services regarding concerns for the toddler's well-being and the investigation did find safety concerns in the home that led to the removal of the four children.

В каком городе шуметь запрещено? В Бухаресте. Почему? Бух - арест.
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В Огайо сенатор Капри Кафаро внесла предложение: принять такой закон, чтобы для хоумскулинга надо было получать разрешение, проходить background check и интервью с социальными службами (раздельное для ребенка и родителей). Сомневаться не приходится, это бы приняли в два счета, и еще похуже. Но Господь не допустил. В дело вмешалась организация Ohioans for Education Freedom, возглавляемая Марком Стивенсоном (Christian Home Educators Stark County Association) и Рэнди Поупом (Modest Clothing Distributors and Natural Healing Herb). Получив необходимое количество писем и телефонных звоноков, организованных этими добрыми подвижниками, Сенатор Кафарo отозвала проект.
Академия наук законопроект не прокомментировала.
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AKRON, Ohio -- A 10-year-old Amish girl with leukemia and her parents have left the country to seek alternatives to chemotherapy, according to the family's attorney.
The Hershbergers left their home in northeast Ohio days before a state appeals court appointed a guardian in October to take over medical decisions from Sarah's parents. The family members won't say where they are now, but they have no plans to return to their home anytime soon, according to Thompson.

The court said the beliefs and convictions of her parents can't outweigh the rights of the state to protect the child.
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Over the past four years, HSLDA has reported on the Wunderlichs’ saga as they have moved from country to country in the European Union looking for a place to call home where they could freely homeschool their children.
Кончилось плохо.
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If you receive certain government benefits, they may be conditioned on your cooperation with social workers, as the Supreme Court ruled in 1971 in Wyman v. James. For this reason, HSLDA cautions families about accepting government funds, such as virtual charter school programs that are run by the local public school.
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NEWPORT, Tenn Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew ordered the name change last week, saying Messiah is a title that has been earned by one person "and that one person is Jesus Christ."
Первая поправка? Не, не слышал.
Messiah was No. 4 among the fastest-rising baby names in 2012, according to the Social Security Administration's annual list of popular baby names.
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Помните семью Ромайке, хоумскульных беженцев из Германии, получивших политическое убежище в 2010 году? Так вот, обамовская администрация депортирует их обратно в Германию.
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Washington Post: After everyone had nodded off, Gamble slipped over to a bed where her friend’s 14-year-old son was sleeping. When Gamble went to the boy, the teenager reached for a condom and then was sexually assaulted in his own bed. At the hearing, Judge William M. Jackson encouraged Gamble to make “contingency plans” for the long-term care of her two children, a 4-year-old daughter and a 3-month-old infant, by the time she returns to court for sentencing. She faces a maximum of 15 years in prison when she is sentenced in October.
(стандарты американской публицистики требуют рандомизировать порядок предложений в тексте перед публикацией, поэтому, если захотите проверить по статье, не торопитесь заключить, что я что-то выдумал или приукрасил).
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Тётенька пишет письмо в газету: у моих соседей четырехлетний сын - инвалид детства, и девятимесячная дочь; так вот, они все время ухаживают за этим сыном, а дочери не уделяют достаточно внимания. Должна ли я поставить об этом в известность компетентные органы?
- А как же! - отвечает газета, - Конечно, должны!

Считаю, что редакция газеты проявила разгильдяйство и отсутствие бдительности. Надо было не писать статьи, а давно уже вычислить IP-адрес укрывательницы и передать куда следует. Сразу бы накрыли и ее, и соседей.


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